Black outlines and edges accumulate to turn details black with distance

I have a model of several buildings with lots of detail but the detail on the buildings more distant from the camera turn black, like bushes, railings, windows, etc. How do I get rid of all that soul crushing blackness in the distance?

It would be helpful to see what you are working with. Maybe another style will help or you might need to hide the edges on those parts of your model that are at a greater distance.

Are you using SketchUp Free (the category you posted in) or SketchUp Shop (as indicated in your profile)? If the latter you could edit the style to either turn off the Profiles or set them to 1.

Sorry. I’m using Shop. “Profiles” is the term for all those black outlines, etc.?

Profiles are the thicker edges surrounding the components in you model. In SketchUp Shop you can edit the style to reduce them to the same weight as other edges or turn off Profiles altogether.

I’ll move your thread.

Outstanding! Thanks Dave!

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I was making these when you posted. Compare:

Looks like somethng from a loom for ‘teasing’ wool?

Actually it’s part of a spinning wheel. I think technically a flax wheel.

Thanks so much! It’s amazing how much of a problem is if you don’t know what to call it!

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