Billing Problem Nightmare

I tried to buy the product for 299 and got an error message that asked me to try again. I tried again, same error message. I check my bank account and I have been charged twice. Still can’t use the product. Can’t reach any kind of customer service by phone or through email. This is the worst software experience I have ever had. I’m being charged $600 for a program that won’t even launch.

I’m 100% sure that the sales department of SketchUp will set things straight for you.
@colin, (sorry, I don’t know the right link) could you look into this “tragic” issue to help @A_ART out.

I went to alert Support, to make sure someone looks at your two support requests, but by then someone was already looking into the problem. I hope you will see a reply soon.

Thanks for the response and update. I look forward to the issue being resolved and being able to get the program to launch.

From what I can tell so far, the purchase didn’t go through. The amounts you see in your bank account may be ‘holds’. That is, they’re not charges until the sale goes through. My colleague will reply with other information, and will connect you to sales if need be, so that a salesperson can make sure that the sale goes through.

We will see if anyone gets ahold me. I did get an email. This is your colleagues advice:

If you would like to contact our Sales team directly, you are welcome to call us at 303-546-1100, opt 1 - our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mountain Time).

The SketchUp Team at Trimble Inc

I don’t know how many times I can call and get sent to voicemail. Apparently I wasn’t meant to use this software.

Just an automated reply so far telling me to call the number where no one answers. Should I be waiting for someone to actually contact me directly? I wish I didn’t have to use this program for work.

Thanks for passing this along to Colin. However, no one is setting the issue straight. I am at work and stuck wondering how many days until I get through on the phone or someone attempts resolve this issue. May be tragically funny for some.

Do not panic, this issue WILL be resolved to your satisfaction. My assumption is based on similar issues that have appeared in the forum.

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Thanks, you’re right, panic doesn’t help. Going an entire day with never having anyone reach out to solve the issue and losing a day of work is a problem. Being directed to a phone number that always goes to voicemail is the best they can do.

Day 2, still no sales person interested in making the sale go through, still wasting time calling and getting the voicemail. I wonder how many days of work I will loose cause of their error filled system and lack of customer service.

Yeah, I called in when I saw the fee jacked up by $67 for my second year of subscription and complain that it was just too much money. In my experience the ideal and fair fee for an individual license for this product is no more than 20/month.

No response from sales, billing, or whatever.

Overpriced and underserviced… a difficult combination