Billing big problem!


Last 24th of april /2024 I was charged $349ººusd for my yearly subscription of SKETCh UP PRO, That was perfectly OK.

But on June 5-2024 My credit card was wrongfully charged with the amount of usd $1,331.59 by Trimble Best NLD.

I am protesting that charge on my credit card as I already payed $349ºº on April 24/2024 for my yearly subscription. This is clearly a mistake on your behalf, I am requesting an immediate refund to the same credit card on the account records, MC xxxxxx 5915.

Let me know ASAP the following steps, case Nº, etc for follow up on this wrongful procedure by your company.

Giovanni Granada

this is a public forum.

if you want help with a billing problem you’ll have to fill in a request over here

also, keep in mind that this is a long weekend in the US, 4th of july and all.


You’ve got multiple users and multiple subscriptions on your account?
I imagine you’ve been charged for those others also.

Contact trimble billing support directly,

Hello Adam, thank you for your message.
I am the sole user, just have one license, one single user, I work on
my office on my DesktopPC……

I have sent multiple support tickets but nobody answers back…

will keep trying.

Giovanni Granada

Something has definitely gone wrong if that is the case - I have limited access to accounts as a partner and I can see multiple users on the metro studio account.

Make sure to use the contact form , don’t send an email

I checked, and you are admin for two Studio subscriptions, as well as the one Pro subscription. Those two Studio subscriptions are assigned to Francisca and Barbara.

Does that help you to recognize what the charge was for?