Customer Service Nightmare



We purchased SketchUp on December 28 and have gotten the runaround from Sketchup ever since. My credit card has been charged but we never received an activation code. The customer service is terrible. There is no number to call and the sales people keep emailing that they have sent the activation code but we never received. Is there any way to get someone from SketchUp to help or is a way to get my money returned? This has been a nightmare.


Did you give the correct email address? Also, the activation emails are known to get stuck in overambitious spam filters.

It’s now weekend. The SketchUp team members visit here regularly - I hope they catch this thread.



check the spam folder of your mail client and/or your freemailer account.

btw, buying by your local reseller regularly does avoid lagging communication especially for customers in non-US time zones.


Hi @barrytaylor

Sorry to hear you are having a problem getting your activation code. As @Anssi mentioned, this is most likely caused by an over-ambitious spam filter or in incorrectly typed email address.

The quickest solution would be to contact our sales desk directly through this page. They can get directly in touch with you and get you up and running in no time!


We have contacted sales and they give us the same runaround. Wrong email address or the SPAM folder. We gave the correct email address and the SPAM is empty. Same runaround. Sales will not even respond now. Worst customer service I have ever seen.


Sorry to hear that. If you want to PM me your company name and/or email address, I can reach out and see what I can find out.


I do not see a PM link? Please let me know how to PM and I will send. Thank you.


Click on the user’s avatar image or name, the resultant popup window has a Message button, use that to send the Private-Message…


Sorry but there is no message button on the popup window.


You don’t see a blue button with the text “Message”?


The OP may not have enough forum posts to get access to the message button. @TheOnlyAaron may be best to PM the OP.


Good point. I sent you a message, @barrytaylor