Better workflow for window schedule

I was wondering if anyone had a better workflow for window schedules. I am looking for a faster way to automate the creation of documents. My current output is the image below

My current problems is with the zoom extents not establishing with the Model height. As i need to show the FFL level of the windows.
The goal is to have them cleanly aligned without needing to move things around in layout (once i have established the initial template)

you can try this:
in sketchup model, isolate the entire window, than use zoom selection, after create camera.
After made it the first camera hide the part of the model you don’t need and create an other camera without moveing the view. in this way they should alling perfectly. Also very importatnt put dimension in layout not in sketchup.

That doesnt help the layout template part. I am looking to automate that part once i have a template selected.

All the windows are in different heights and different sizes.

If you always arrange the window components the same way in SketchUp, you could set up a dummy SU file to create a viewport in the LayOut template. Use the same scene name in the dummy SU file as you use for the windows in your project file. Then, when you are ready to insert the scene of the windows into the LayOut document, go to Document SetUp>References, select the dummy SKP file and relink to the project file. Depending on the area occupied by the windows in your project file, you might need to drag the edges of the viewport but the scale should remain the same. After you’ve relinked to the project file, add your dimensions and anything else you might need.

The Window Schedule label at the bottom can remain and if you arrange your SU model correctly the FFL line can be part of the template, too.

Thats how i currently have it set up. I was just hoping for a better and faster way.

Thanks for the sharing, it actually helps validate my current process. :grinning:

How could it be faster? Swapping SKP files in References is about as fast as it could be.

I suppose you could use the exact same windows on every project and then just have a canned window schedule.

If your window components all have the same relative insertion point you can set up a dummy SKP template and exchange the dummy windows for the project windows.

Its the actual setting the ffl level and window scenes thats the problem.

If i zoom extents on each window and update the scene, i would lose the FFL of the window.

And i seem to need to adjust the layout view part so that the windows align correctly.

So these small tweaks were the ones I was looking into automating if possible.

Why don’t you make one scene in SketchUp showing all of the windows. Position them all correctly so they line up as you want them. If you make your window components so they all have the same relative insertion point, you can swap them out quickly and easily. Then you only have one viewport in LayOut.

Thats the best way so far! Thanks

One possible tip, in SU you can use guide points to set the zoom extents to be the same each time.

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Thats a great tip! Thanks :grinning:

I sometimes create a cube around my SU model… put it on a separate layer for independent control… delete the faces so it is just edges and use zoom extents this to establish the a view extents for all my scenes, plans, elev, sect, iso etc.

Now that is a cool tip!