Question about vector and schedule

Hello everyone,

We are looking to purchase Sketchup Pro for our small studio(3 persons). I have used Sketchup before at my previous job, but never have I need to export my output beyond screen. Hoping to get some pending answers answered, so that we could be sure Sketchup is the right solution for us. Let me know if I have posted in the wrong forum. Thanks in advance :).

  1. TAGGING: We do event planning and used revit before. We relied heavily on the tagging and scheduling feature on revit. Basically what we need is we need to tag our objects on our floor plans and create corresponding schedules on 2D drawing. I looked up numerous tutorials and tried messing around with dynamic components, but it seems like if I have to change tag info of a few of the same duplicate objects, I will have to click into each object and change each of them manually(even though they are grouped). Wondering if there is a better way doing this or a plug-in we could use/purchase?

  2. SCHEDULE: We also do a lot of scheduling because we work with surveyors and construction workers. My quick search last week told me the way to do it on sketchup is “Generate Report->Export to Excel->Import to Layout”. However, we need our schedules to update accordingly when we update our object (tag info and etc). Wondering if Autobinding in “Inventory3D for Excel” is the feature we should try?

  3. We need the same object to show up in one row on schedule (in multiple quantity), instead of separate items.

  4. This topic has been discussed in this forum several years ago. I want to see if there is a new way to do this: Basically we need our Layout 2D output to be Vector. What is the best ways to do it?

Thank you in advance.