Best way to place the rendered model of a house on a photo of its plot?

I would like to place the rendered model of a house in a photo of its plot. What is the best way to achieve this to make the final result look realistic?

Seems like this would be a multi-step process, probably involving Match Photo, maybe also rendering an alpha channel and then some post processing. Probably I will have to do something to match the lighting as well. Before I attempt to do it I would appreciate your input if you have experience doing such thing.


Can you show us what you have for a photo? Anything in the photo that can be used as a reference for Matchphoto?

PS: I just posted an example on my gallery thread here of using an existing barn on a property with a survey to Matchphoto.

I don’t have a photo of the plot yet, but I will be taking one (or more) when I know what is the best way to do it. There is a house on the next plot, and if it would help I could even place an item in the plot itself, like a box, but I am not sure if that would be big enough for Match Photo.

Also, if it would help, I could make a note of the exact spot I am taking the photo(s) as well as the camera parameters.

You could stake out some strings. Yellow or red might be most visible in the photo. This will only give you one level of PM vanishing lines. Unless you put some up on poles! The strings have to be level, and square to each other.

I was thinking about that. You wouldn’t actually need strings between poles, just the poles would work with a consistent height and clearly visible bottom and top.

Just doing a stakeout on the ground would at least give general size and location to go by, and then add in a couple other helpers like focal length from camera meta data and being sure horizon lines match might work reasonably well.

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