Best Way to Create a Dynamic Path

I’d like to be able to connect this dust collection hose to the planer below. I don’t have much experience drawing lines and paths that aren’t right angles or perfect arcs.

How do I create a path for this hose to follow? I have 2 challenges.

  1. Per my red line I’d like the hose to sort of “hang and curve” a little bit to replicate the weight of the hose itself. It doesn’t need to be super accurate, but that’s the goal.

  2. I may need to move the planer or pipe connector above it at some point, so ideally I’d like to have the path follow and conform to a change in location. Is that possible?

I started trying to build arcs and create a bunch of points of connection between the two end points and at some point it just felt like I was going about it all wrong. Looking for a little teaching moment here :wink:

Don’t know about a dynamic path, but you can use a quick bezier. Make a path with straight edges as a framework for your path then use it to create a bezier.
Curviloft pipe


Once again this is EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you so much for supporting this great community here @Box