Auto convert Angles to Curves/Arcs

Is there a way to auto convert angles to curves/arcs along a single line path?

I’m working on building some models of organic forms (plants mostly) that have long curvy cylinders. I usually use the Line tool and just freehand the basic path and then use the Follow Me tool, but I’m finding that the result is a little too rigid looking at the joints.

To manage this I’ve been going through and manually converting each angled bend into a curve/arc by using the Tape Measure tool to mark 1" out from the base of the angle in either direction. Then I use the 2-Point Arc tool to draw a curve inside of the angle, then delete the geometry outside the curve.

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Here are the different results produced. the first stick figure being a basic freehand drawn line path, the second being the cylindrical shape that’s produced from it using the follow me tool, the third being the line pathway after the angles have been converted to curves, and the 4th being the cylindrical shape that’s produced from it using the follow me tool.

Try BZ_Toolbar. You can find it at SketchUcation


Looks great, but I can’t find it through the search bar @ SketchUcation. Is it maybe listed under something else?

I also tried searching under the Plugin Store, but no luck

It’s full name is Bezier Spline.


…and yes! It´s another Fredo Plugin

A couple of other things you may not be aware of, the arc tool will turn magenta when it is equidistant along two edges and a double click will finish the arc and trim, more double clicks near corners will repeat the process.

Also Curvizard gives you many options to manipulate edges.

Both shown here.



Be mindful of how much geometry you’re creating.

In your example, extruding a 24-segment circle along a path of several 12-segment arcs is severe overkill.
Over-modeling does practically nothing to improve appearance.
What it does is kill model performance.

Circle and Arc Segmentation Example
L-R … 24/12 … 12/4 … 8/4


This is a really good point. Thanks for making it so clearly. I don’t think I would have understood what you were saying without the image.

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