Smooth Freehand Line

Trying to draw a hose from the sand hopper on front of loco to just under buffer.
Is there a smooth way of doing this?

Basic Loco 02

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You can do some very nice curves with Fredo’s Beziers,
GIF 28-08-2022 8-45-17 PM


Sadly I don’t Have Fredos plugins.

You can just use a series of arcs, here I have made a simple set of edges as a sort of formwork to help you get from one point to the other in a controlled manner.


If you take the other word that Box wrote… ‘Bezier’ and enter it in a search in Extensions Warehouse, you will find this plugin: Bezier Curve Tool


Thank you all sorted. I remember this type of tool from my Coral Draw days, should of know there would of been a plugin.
I did search for a Bezier plugin but all that came up was Fredos.
Another lesson learnt search a bit harder next time.


I don’t understand what your issue is with using Fredos version, it’s afar superior tool.

Its a paid version, I don’t have any problems with paying for plugins but, I demo some of my Sketchup and Blender techniques to fellow model railway enthusiasts.
If I started a demo to newbies and said you have to pay this and that it would put people off.
So I try to use stock tools and hopefully if people get the bug they go on to pro version and buying paid plugins.


Neither of Fredo’s Bezier options are currently paid versions.

My mistake, but I know the way Fredos plugins are going and I don’t blame him for charging.
I just wish there was a cheaper one station price for people like me who are just hobbyist making models for the fun of it.

Model Railway The Easy way

That machine is a true work of art! Lovely!

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I think the SketchUp team provides a free bezier curve extension in the Extension Warehouse.

Thanks for reply’s I went with the Box method of a series of Arcs.
Model is less than 50mm and is designed to be 3d printed.
Slice and print next job.
V8 Loco