Best Practises for removing/making invisable walls for better camera views

Hello! Dear End Users,

Can someone tell how to make geometry parts see-though so that when setting up a camera for an interior shot/render I can set the camera outside of the room and get a wider viewpoint? I tried doing it with hiding walls which works but the outsid light/sun comes into that void. I also tried section cuts but the cuts did not translate as an opening and the wall was rendered.

Thank you in-advance

(SketchUp rendering)
Paint the outer faces of the outer walls with a 100% transparent png material.
The inside, the inner faces of these walls will still be visible, depending on the camera position, so just as you would like.
All walls will show shadows inside except where window openings are.

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Which renderer? A lot of renderers do support section cuts, maybe it’s a setting thing?

Or the rendering app has a cutting system of its own.

Ah Yes! That makes total sense. I was thinking that making the surface to be looked through glass but figure I get the same light bleed, which of course I would. The “nothing” material is see-though yet will block light/produce shadow. Brilliant! Thank you so very much… :+1: :+1:


I have V-Ray have not tried it with that render engine because the models were big and there was plenty of room to get a good camera placement. I will run some tests some tests with V-Ray and post my results.

The above were rendered from Podium which I am evaluating. I will do some research and test again and post.

Thank you for the insightful suggestion! If you know these two engines and can provide further input I would be so grateful…

I’ll look into that. Thank you so much.

With Vray, a mesh clipper object would be another method besides the section cut