Vray section render: how to render the real shadows (windows etc) that are 'cut' out?

Hello, I’m working on a model in SketchUpPro and render with VRay. I want to render a scene with a section plane, but it doesn’t render the wall and window, because they are cut out in this section. How do I render a section plane, but keep the shadows of the cut out parts?
Hope my explantation is clear enough to help :slight_smile: Hereunder some screenshots of my problem. Hoping you can help me out. Have nice day! Tanja
section.cut-render.pdf (224.8 KB)

Section > uncheck Affect Light


Thanks! It works! Strange, because I used to try it like this in SU and it didn’t work. But I have to uncheck it in Vray apparently. Thanks!!! Have a nice day!

Doh! I didn’t know it was that simple. BTW, what does “Camera Rays Only” checkbox do?

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For reflection of objects in mirror when a section is active

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Ah, yes! I could have used that for this rendering:

You just see the hazy horizon in the mirror.