Sketchup Vray Section Render - Outlines


I try to take a section render with outlines in vray. It render the all edges (what I see in the scene and behind the section plane) but I just want to see edges inside the section (only what I see in the camera). Is there any way to do that?

In what version of SketchUp? There is no 2024 Free Plan as you put in your forum profile.

I would make an edges-only export from SketchUp to overlay on the image of the render.

I use 2024 versiyon, with 7 day student trial.
I would like to find out how to do that with vray, edges export is my last choice.

That’s not the “Free Plan”. It’s SketchUp Studio if it includes Vray. Please put the right information in your forum profile.

Use the camera clipping option under advanced camera settings - you could possibly use that instead of the section cut in this example

Thank you, I change the information now.

Yes this is do the job! Thank you so much :blush: