Remove shadows from section cutaway

Hi folks, I’m fairly new to Sketchup. I’ve got a model and a section plane cutting through it to give a perspective section view. I want it to show sunlight coming through real openings like windows but NOT through the ‘false opening’ that the section plane creates. Right now I have cut my building in half with the section plane and the half that’s ‘open to the elements’ for the purposes of the model wouldn’t actually be open in real life and so wouldn’t allow light in. Hopefully that makes sense. Is there a way to easily fix this? Thanks

Right click on Section > Create group from slice > Fill that group with a face > apply a material onto one face and set transparency to 0.

Ok that sounds doable, thank you! Not got time to try it straight away but will get there at some point and let you know if I have any issues. Appreciated :slight_smile: