The section plane and cast shadows, 2017

I know this question has been asked, but most of the answers are from 2015 and I’m hoping that this crucial issue has gotten another look since then. Will Sketchup ever provide a feature that prevents section planes from modifying the shadows in the scene? There’s a Rhino plugin called Diva that has decent shadow analysis tools, and there’s an option called “Shadows ignore user defined clipping planes.” This would drastically improve the process for producing section drawings in Sketchup. Has anyone figured out a good workaround that doesn’t involve painting a transparent png onto roof/wall surfaces?

I don’t think SketchUp native section planes or plugins have such feature.
However Vray plugin has a feature called Mesh Clipper which does what you need.

Here is an example where user defined mesh used as ‘clipper’ and house geometry affects the scene/lights as if it’s there.

I’m not using Vray, any idea if there’s a similar plugin just for sketchup?

I don’t know of any plugins to do specifically what you’re looking for. Maybe Skalp has a feature that would work for you. Might investigate that.

If you are exporting images, it could be done by combining two image exports from SU.

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