Attempting to Create a See-Through Building

I’ve designed a 4-plex for a client. He wants to showcase various features of the construction in see-through model form all on the same building.

Unit 1 is to show post-tension concrete. Unit 2 will fire-sprinklers. Unit 3 will show framing and common wall between units and unit 4 will be a completed unit.

I need some suggestions for materials or techniques to simulate an invisible wall kind of thing when I render in V-Ray. Here is a dropbox link to the model if anyone is interested:


What I usually do for a see-through is that I render twice : once the whole model and then with section cuts activated (which vray will take in account).
I then load both images in photoshop and set the opacity of the whole model render to whatever looks best, placing it above the other one.
In this case, you might want to render 3 times (or more) depending on what elements you want to show/appear. You’ll then be able to play on each layer’s opacity to reach an acceptable comprehensibility

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Thanks! That seems to be working.

I did use this nice tutorial to make a cutaway/see trough image of my Porsche 908/3 project.