Best practices - modeling for Procreate

Hi there. I modeled a building in Sketchup (in the iPad app) for a project - a series of illustrations in kind of an art-deco science fiction world. Anyhow, for this project I’d really like to export the model and finish it in Procreate.

It’s a simple model, I didn’t do anything too complicated to make it, but when I brought it into Procreate, the UVs were all messed up, and painting on it was a mess - I would paint in one place and it would show up elsewhere on the model, if at all.

Are there some ‘best practices’ for modeling in Sketchup on iPad if the goal is specifically to bring it into Procreate for painting? That would be an ideal workflow for the project I had in mind, thanks!

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) but you are mentioning SketchUp for iPad. Are you actually using SketchUp for iPad instead of SketchUp Free? If so, please update your profile.

Okay, I’ll change my profile once I write this reply.

Does this link work to share?

That’s only a link to the viewer. Download the file to your device and upload it to the forum from there.

Thank you. And the license type would be SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro.

Unfortunately, exporting for Procreate wasn’t working as expected last time I’ve checked. I will try it again, as this would be an incredibly creative workflow that I’d love to use.


The file type you should be uploading is .skp which is an accepted file type. That’s the SketchUp file type.

Maybe moot based on @JQL’s reply.

mister.skp.skp (97.3 KB)

So, I still see problems exporting.

Anyway, I will go about by workflow for creating unique UV maps for each face, even on organic models on Sketchup for iPad. It’s a very cool workflow anyway. It works great on presentations and for sketching up ideas on the model. It can be pushed up for elaborate designs and it’s based on the iOS painting tools.

I guess you can see the potential though it’s not as elaborate as what you can do with Procreate or Substance painter. (Use blender if you must)

Here is my model:

I create a markup for each side of the model, like this:

Once I got all the sides sketched I project the sketches on faces. We have to preselect faces, go to scenes panels, hit the 3 dots on the right of the corresponding scene, then hit the markup pen that shows in the scene line. Like this:

Once you do this to all sides, you’ll end up with a cool looking sketch which is fairly correctly UV mapped - meaning all faces will feature a unique texture. This is what you need so you can paint in Procreate.

Now you should be able to save, exit to welcome screen and export your model to usdz from there:

However, this will happen when you try importing the model in Procreate:

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Fantastic, thanks for the tips. I’ll give it a try. In this instance, I’m actually trying to use this to create final art, not a presentation, so I think I’ll have to compose the cityscape here in Sketchup and then just trace it in Procreate with my preferred outliner pencil. Let’s hope Sketchup improves on this; a working Sketchup and Procreate funnel would be a killer app.

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There’s progress, Procreate can import the model, but I always get this warning and you can’t really paint on it. I tried all the settings, and the model is a simple cube, so that can’t be it. Is there something else I need to do to be able to import models into procreate with the intention of painting them?