Any progress on the SketchUp to Procreate workflow?

Just checking in - has there been any news on development of SketchUp to allow us to import 3D models into Procreate? As I wrote before, that would be the killer app for iPad. On one hand, you have a 3D modeler. On the other hand, you have the iPad’s most popular painting app which can import 3D models. I don’t see why people aren’t working harder to make them work together (although I concede that it’s probably not easy).

Hey @Renegado, just came across this post, have you used SketchUp 2024 yet? We now support USDz import and export. I believe ProCreate does support import of USDz, and while I have not personally tested the process of SketchUp to ProCreate model sharing, now might be the time to give it a try! Would love to see your results if you give it a go.