Work Flow from sketchup for iPad to procreate

With the recent ability to import USDZ models created in sketchup for iPad, procreate becomes an incredible asset.

We have a few issues with work flow though.

  1. The faces we want to paint in procreate should have unique textures. Usually we paint sketchup models with tiled materials and those repeat their pattern all around the model. Painting on them will make the paint tile too and that’s not what we usually want on procreate.

In iPad I’m solving this with projected markups. Here is a simple model where all faces have been painted with a markup each.

It would be great to finally have uv unwrapping in sketchup and su for iPad so we wouldn’t need this kind of work. For complex models it becomes very difficult.

  1. Exporting this model to USDZ and importing it in procreate is now possible and allows further painting. However some faces are failing. Here is the same model in procreate with some extra strokes:

It would be great to be able to reload this model or only it’s textures in Sketchup for iPad again.

The best way to do this would be if we could export a component to procreate and then reload it inside Sketchup.

It would be great if, in both Sketchup for iPad or Sketchup Desktop we could use more than Sketchup models as external references. DWG, USDz, OBJ, STP, DAE, IFC, all should be available models for reference or as components that we could reload.

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Thanks João – this helps clarify the remaining work we have left to do.


In the other topic you were talking about UV unwrapping and how to solve it.

One of the issues I have right now is the low quality of the projected textures. They are really terrible and we now need much higher textures.

How can we really go deep and paint incredible details in procreate if we have such low resolution textures?

Also, with higher quality textures, we could choose to have more faces painted with a single projected markup.

I was doing this by projecting a single markup into each face, but honestly this isn’t a mentally sound workflow for more complex drawings. We should be able to cover the whole model with less textures and higher resolution if possible.

I unwrapping is really needed to have incredibly powerful and creative workflows like this available.

I am wishing that to happen since ages, so I could pick a model from desktop and send it to substance painter as fast as possible.

I’m very happy that we are ever closer to this happening and I’m thrilled to see where this is heading.

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Noticed another thing: procreate assumes sketchup y axis as it’s Z axis.

I’m pretty sure I remember the same thing happened in morpholio trace, but I uninstalled it.

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Is there an update in this problem, I have tried to export SketchUp go model In obj. And usdz. But they don’t work because the textures map don’t import correctly I’m procreate so I can paint in the surface. In addition do you know if the hovering of the new iPad work correctly in SketchUp go ? M2 chip let us to work with more complex models at SketchUp go in iPad ? Thank you for your time