UV Mapping for SketchUp on iPad

Hi there, trying to get to the bottom of importing my SketchUp model to Procreate (all iPad workflow). It’ll open the model, but I really can’t paint on it. You can make a model a single color, but the whole point is to have the ability to paint on the model like a canvas. I get the following error message when importing and the result when I paint a circle on a cube model.

I think the key is UV Mapping. Procreate can import models with unwrapped UVs from Blender and Nomad Sculpt. How can I develop non-overlapping UVs in SketchUp that will work in Procreate?

For a simple shape (cube)

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Thanks, but as I mentioned, looking for an all-iPad workflow and one that finishes in Procreate. I travel and I don’t bring a computer with me.

I used only SketchUp native tools, those tools should also exist in the iPad and you can follow the same steps.

Instead of SketchUp (desktop), use your SketchUp for iPad, and instead of Blender/Affinity Photo, use a 2D graphics program that you have in your iPad.

All the steps in the video are for beginners.

Yes, I appreciate your help, but what if I wanted to do something with an organic shape? I’m modeling things with more complexity than a cube.

You’re welcome!
Look for programs for iPad that allow UV unwrapping and UV mapping. Or add a feature request for it in SketchUp for iPad category.

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I don’t have enough experience with UV mapping, but maybe @MikeTadros or @JQL could comment better.

If you’d be using the Desktop Sketchup app, then Wrap-r or exporting to blender might be your best bets:

WrapR | UV Mapping for SketchUp models (wrap-r.com)

Download — blender.org

We need that natively for Sketchup for years and now also for Sketchup for iPad. Without unwrapping there’s little use for exporting USD files if you want to use procreate in a sketchup model.

There are some tools that might help you in the iPad:

CozyBlanket | Sparseal

It seems cool for organic retopology and it announces UV mapping too.

Nomad Sculpt

It’s a sculpting app but it can also UV map models if you import them

A couple of videos here:

NOMAD 1.6.2 TO PROCREATE 5.2 – with New UV unwrapping - YouTube

Full 3D workflow on iPad with NEW Procreate 5.2 update - YouTube

As you might have noticed, before featuring UV unwrapping tools, a model from Nomad was exported to Forger to UV unwrap.

So you have Forger here too:

Maxon Forger: Ultimate Mobile 3D Modeling and Sculpting App

If you try any of those, just tell us if they worked out OK.

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