Bending/ curving an existing component which is a porch railing

Can an existing component which is a straight porch railing be curved/ bent to fit a curved porch ?

Yes with shape bender

Shape Bender does work just fine with SketchUp 2016. It just isn’t signed. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

As proof, here’s a railing bent with Shape Bender in SketchUp 2016.

You should watch some of these videos…

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to SketchUp

Tried to use it in my 2016, IT DOES NOT WORK in Sketchup 2016.

1.The programme tells me to pull up a component.
2.After successfully loading a component that I wish to bend, the programme asks me to select a line that is on the red axis. NO GO. I am unable to elect a line.

oh,PS,When I went to review the Shape Bender area on the Sketchup Warehouse, it states that there could be compatability/ operational issues when attempting to use in 2016.

It does indeed work in SketchUp 2016. Did you not see my screen shot in the previous post?

You are not following the instructions properly.

Here’s more proof it does work in SU2016.

And another example: The apron on this table was created with Shape Bender in SketchUp 2016.


A nice indicate that the program does work.

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What’s with all the attitude!?

It does work, you just aren’t quite understanding how to use it.
You need a group or component, a curve and a separate line on the red axis.
Select the compont, then the tool, next the line on the red axis and finally the curve.
Then the arrow keys can be used to modify the shape and finally enter to finish.