Trouble with shape bender

So I am trying to bend a section of handrail around a corner and I am not able to get Shape Bender to work properly. Is this something I am doing incorrectly or is is an issue with Sketchup 2020 (may not be compatible?). I have attached the file for reference.

Test Rail.skp (256.4 KB)

You need to orient the rail component so it is aligned with the straight line.

Hello Dave! I tried that, but it still gave me bizarre geometry. Aligning it as shown, these are the options I get using the up/down keys:

Did you set the component’s axes to align with the model axes?

The way you modeled it, the axes aren’t aligned correctly.

Should be like this.

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For such a kind of bending, you should have a look at FredoScale too.

Or even just Follow Me.


So I changed the axes to match the model but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I have included a video for reference.

Cotty…Thanks for the suggestion. I have played around with that extension but not for this purpose. I will give it a go!

It worked for me right away

From several attempts I have seen that sometimes there are those errors that you face, but when it didn’t work, you can try redrawing the lines (stright line and bend profile)

I did not change the axes for the group ‘rail to bend’ in any of the variants. And be sure to vertically align the group you want to bend with the straight line.

Got it, Mihai! Thank you so much.

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