Beginner question: set measurements

Hi, I just signed up for a Sketch Up Web account and am learning the basics from Youtube.
In the videos, the instructor uses Measurements box in the bottom right corner of the screen, to well… set the measurements.

In my version, the box is blank, measurements do not appear and it is not activated for inputs.
Would anybody know why?

Thank you

It should be empty untill you start drawing.

Thank you! And after I started?
For example, if I wanted to include the exact measurements for this wall:

Thanks again!

That’s how it works. It is only active whenever you apply a tool and SketchUp is showing the result. This can now be overruled by just typing your input, followed by hitting [Enter].

(as an example) Use the ‘Line’ tool. Click somewhere for the first endpoint of an edge > drag the cursor away from that location. The ‘Measurement’s’ box now shows the distance (length of the future edge). Type a length and hit [Enter]. The edge will take that length.
Never click in that blank space.
Always keep an eye on the status bar down left on your screen for suggestions.

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It doesn’t work like you think…
You’ve allready drawn the wall so you are too late to type the measurements.
Go to to learn the basics…

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To add to the above, also go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel and check out the Square One series. It is an in-depth look at the tools in the box


Thank you. So, if I understand correctly, it does not allow adjusting the measurements after the shape is drawn, only “during”?

Thank you, this is where I am spending my time! Just the measurements piece was not obvious to me as why would the app not let adjust the size later… thanks for your advice!

(Long) after creating geometry you can adjust dimensions with the ‘Move’ tool or the ‘Scale’ tool on the appropriate selection(s).

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Awesome, thank you!

When drawing a rectangle, for example, start by drawing it out in the general direction it is to be placed. Without clicking in the measurements box enter the dimensions wanted using the separator for your system’s language. In my case a comma. 24,48. Hit the enter key and look at the results. Do not change the tool and look at the results. At that point to change dimensions just type the new numbers. If you want to change one dimension enter it preceding the comma or after the comma. 22, or ,46. and hit enter again.


Oh cool, it worked! Thanks so much.

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