Batch model download - warehouse or combine skp files plugin

Is there some way to download and open dozen warehouse models in one step?
I would like to download 20-30 plants for my project.
Is it only way to download this severally?
The problem is after downloading 10 plants it turns out that most of them are not suitable for the project.
Is there some plugin, which could combine 20 skp files into one?
For example puting each drawing on different layer?
Thanks for some comment

Don’t think I am understanding this. If you were able to download 20 different models in one go, you might have gone through all that to discover that only one or two were suitable and you would be back where you started. Anyway, I don’t know of a suitable extension.

What usually happens with something like this is that you find a collection that you like and you download that.

And maybe, Do you know a plugin that can open many skp files in one window? Or there is only copy paste solution? I’m creating some 3dplants library file. It is similiar to some library bookshelf. Plants are systematized on the shelfs, there are plant species, genera, Latin names, types, sizes, colors, soil types, etc. etc.etc. To make plants description near each plant, I use flat text plugin.
I’m looking for plugin which can open more than 1 skp file in the sme window.
Thanks for advice.

You will end up with a model that is almost impossible to navigate.
Far better option would be to create a local component collection, which you can either access via the component browser or directly in the file explorer. This can easily be sorted as a catalog and be searchable.


Frankly, I don’t use 3D Warehouse directly in SketchUp. I typically use a web browser to download stuff, then open it and check it out first before inserting it in a model.

What I have asked for is the ability to download a collection from 3D Warehouse as a whole, and then open as a local collection in the component palette. That would be efficient.

That’s true, the file is quite heavy. But I don’t have to open each plant file separately, so I can look at all the plants in the same time. I can also take in one move few chosen plants from the library to the project.
I’m using layer plugin, to classify and sort all the plants. The trees or grasses are separate files.
The problem in warehouse is that people often doesn’t give latin names.

Much simpler is the file with 2D plant symbols. It is not so heavy so it can be used comfortably.

There is many landscape design software , but neither is cool for me and can’t compare to sketchup possibilities, so professional latin library would leave the competition behind.