Where do I get cars, people, trees, plants, etc, etc

Where do I get cars, people, trees, plants, etc, etc


Note that it is good practice to download a 3D warehouse object into a new SU model and check it before adding it to your main model.

Common problems with 3D warehouse models:

  • excessive detail, some invisible inside the model, sometimes far too many edges and faces owing to use of circles or arcs with far too many segments, or over-detailed organic shapes
  • unnecessarily large image textures
  • multiple tags (layers in earlier SU version) that you won’t need
  • tags/layers applied to edges and faces (which should always be Untagged or assigned Layer0)
  • little or no use of components and groups to separate parts of the model
  • poor choice of component axes, sometimes located way outside the component bounding box
  • hidden or unpurged components or sub-components.

If you use, then decide to replace or delete downloaded components in your main model, remember to purge the file. (Window/Model Info/Statistics/Purge unused). Unused components and textures stay in the model and bloat the file size.

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Excellent points and good advice, always pay attention to the file size of the model you are about to download and be suspicious of bigger files.

@john_mcclenahan, nice new photo for 2022, happy new year.

To add an idea: when you download a model from within SketchUp you are asked if you want to include it directly in the model. If you say No, you can save the component as its own SKP, which will save one step, and would keep the model in its original state. Importing into an empty scene involves extra processing that could affect the condition of the component.