Warehouse download

Is there a easier way to download from 3DWH? I always make a library with multiple models (and so some pages) per project. Then when downloading them model by model I must make 8 actions per dwnldWould be (9 if there are more pages). (3DWH-Acount-MyContent-Folders…
And this wouldn’t be a problem when its possible to dwnld some models at the same time.

Would be great if it can be reduced to some less actions.
Thanks in advance.

What kind of models are you referring to? Are you talking about using components to add to your project file?

Yes. Alle the models in 3D warehouse. First I draw/design room or building and much more. And then I fill it up with furniture and accessories from 3DWH. But that’s a lot sometimes. Many pages so many clicks from the content I gathered for this project. You have to do the whole proces over and over again with each item in that folder.

Do you usually use the same pieces of furniture and accessories in your projects? You could make local collections for your components and then simply drag them in from the Components panel. Faster and much less clicking and no need for the Warehouse at all. Organize your collections of components to suit your needs.

Ah - Ofcourse!! This I forgot. Still, I think we use about 10% the same pieces unfortunately. So this might work. For the rest I have to keep clicking I am afraid. Thanks. I am going to make a local collection.

I presume you are following the standard advice for components you get from the 3D Warehouse: Download them in a separate file to check them out and perhaps clean them up before adding them to your project file. When you do that take a moment to also add it to your local collection so you don’t need to go through the process of cleaning it up the next time.

I make all of my own components but I follow the same basic process. For example if I need a hinge for a cabinet project and haven’t ever used that particular hinge before I will create a new component and save it in my local Hinge collection. I can then add it to my cabinet project and I have it available for future use. Sometimes I find I already have a component in my collection that is close and with some simple modifcations it becomes the one I need and I don’t have to model a new one from scratch.

Here’s another example. A couple of workbench vises I modeled for different projects. I saved them into a collection in case I ever need them again. Now it is a simple matter to pull them in when I need them again.

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I do have a library but created this in 3DWH due folders. But I think you are wright. Its better to start with collecting in local maps. It’s gonna be a lot of work at first, but a solution for issue I have. Thanks.

I looked in to it, and this is fantastic. This I apparently skipped in the beginning. So much easier than downloading it over and over again. Great help!
All I have to do now is organise it some way. I already can see all my folders that I have made. It works the same with creating a map in collections I find out. Only thing is It looks there are some more items in my maps that I did not put in there. Also not all the names of my maps are the same. So cleaning it might do the trick. Anyway, already a great time saver at this moment. Thanks again.

Once you get your folders set up you can move the contents around in File Explorer or other file manager. I use an app called Q-Dir when I need to do file sorting.

You can set up local collection directly in the Components panel in SketchUp and you can drag and drop component thumbnails between In Model and your collections if you open the secondary pane. So when you create a new component to save you don’t even need to get out of SketchUp.

I looked it up and this also looks great. Thanks.