How to export mutiple skp files in the same model file quickly?

I have a big model which includes so many small skp files from 3d warehouse. I wanna export them one by one instead of exporting just the whole file. Because I want to try to make animations in lumion and it need different single thing nor a full model as the goal.
Any way can do that?

I’m not aware that SketchUp can export a subset of an overall model. When you downloaded the various models form the 3D Warehouse, did you load them directly into your SketchUp model, or did you download them as separate SKP files (in the Downloads folder of your computer, say)? If you downloaded them to their own SKP files then you would not need to export them at all. You could re-download them, each into their own files, as another option.

Another option occurs to me, which is to create a local collection of components and use SketchUp’s Components window to save all the components in the model into that local collection. This is one step that will save all components into their own SKP files in the local collection folder (I think that’s how the SketchUp feature works).

This assume that you want the various components to be written as SKP files (as opposed to one of the formats that the export function provides, such as DXF or STL etc.).