Exporting Components at Once


Hello All,

This may be impossible. But there are certain rendering engines that can do something like a reverse explosion of a model in order to visualize it in a photoreal animation. Lumion, for example, is a program I use at work and they have a “Sky Drop Effect” that allows the user to animate the model dropping, piece by piece, from the sky.

The issue is that everything has to be imported into Lumion as a separate file. So basically furniture would have to be individually placed and such. Is there a way to “explode” a model from SketchUp, like Pack and Go in Solidworks, so that you have individualized files for every component in the parent SketchUp Model? This is so you could import them into your rendering engine for various building and exploding animations on that side…




Well sort of.

You can open the Component Browser panel.
Click the “In Model” collection (little house button.)
Then go into the “Details” menu (menu superimposed over black arrow icon.)
… and choose "Save as a local collection…"
Browse to where you want the folder, create it using the “New Folder” button, select it so it appears in the “Folder:” box, and then click OK.

All the “In Model” component definitions will be written out into component SKP files.

The problem is these are just definitions. One file for each definition.

The number of instances of each, and the transform of each instance, is not part of the export.


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