Basic cutting question(how to do it) for multiple angles on one entity

Oh hey. I’ve been using sketchup for about 20 hours now, and I’m still confused on cutting an entity(a piece of wood) into multiple angles, like I would In real life with a jigsaw. Example:

As you can see, I’m a n00b, and don’t know how to accomplish this easily. What I’ve been doing is making another rectangle, moving it over the areas I want to cut, and intersecting the faces, which kind of works, but is dumb and time consuming.

I want to measure the angles(as pictured), and delete the unwanted wood.

Thanks all!

Just trace over the guidelines forming the boundary of the part you want to remove with actual edges, then push down on the face to be removed until it disappears.

Usually, you would form the contour on a face–deleting the excess material–before push/pulling it to thickness, not after.


You can measure the angle with the Protractor tool at any time–it snaps to guidelines

It’s probably best not to think of it as wood. It has none of the properties of wood. You’re just fooling the observer into thinking of it as real material. As a modeler, think in terms of edges, faces, groups, and components.


Perfect. That did it. Thanks d00d.