Basic - About shadows with opacity zero


According to the book I’m following, and object painted with a opacity value below 70 shouldn’t cast a shadow.

But mine casts a shadow even with value 0 for opacity.

The book tells me: shadows will covered more in-depth in the advanced exercises book (I also have it).

My question is … it’s because it’s SU 2017 or I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


How about uploading the SKP file so we can take a look at it?



Sure, let me do it again, I’m not saving the files :slight_smile:

exercise_shadow.skp (186.5 KB)

Shadows are not the important thing in this exercise, anyway I wonder why it doesn’t work like it’s supossed.

However I’ve realized that I can select the block and make a group and then uncheck cast shadows, but it’s not how the book tells me to do it.

Thank you


In your second screen shot it doesn’t look like you’ve applied the material to the faces of the box.

Here’s what I get when I apply that material. Opacity higher than and lower than 70%.



Ohh, internal faces needs to be painted too.
I’ve read again the book and it says I must paint the block using control modifier with paint bucket, that was my error.
Thank you.


Yes. I thought you would have seen that.


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