Basement Workshop

Hello Everyone

I need to make a 3d model of my basement workshop so as that I can work out several things… since I never did this before can anyone recommend some plugins or general ideas on how to construct this 3D space


SketchUp is IMO the perfect tool for this kind of projects. You can very well do it without any plugins at all, with Sketchup and a measuring tape.

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Do it pretty much like you did the end table. Start by drawing the foot print of the basement. Give the floor some thickness and then outline the walls and pull them up with Push/Pull. Make sure you are using components and groups effectively. You can group the exterior walls and floor, perhaps, and then add interior walls. If those interior walls are made with studs and the studs are important to the application of your model, you can draw to that sort of detail. Don’t bother adding details that won’t be seen or aren’t important. Just like your table, start at the outside and work inward. When you get to the point of adding in machines, you may find suitable components in the 3D Warehouse. Other elements such as your workbench and cabinets, you might draw from scratch. Again, don’t put in unneeded details. If you don’t need to show the interiors of cabinets, they can be simple boxes.

You’ll manage it just fine.

Thanks Dave no studs in my basement it’s all concrete with 7’ ceilings … I’ll figure it out

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“You can group the exterior walls and floor”

Dave is there a way to not group the floor and the walls in the 1 group, I would like to keep the floor as a separate entity and I cant because the offset tool is referencing the floor for the walls… that way I can trun the wall viewpoint off and on

Sure. You can do that. Draw the slab for the floor and make it a group. Then draw the walls on top of the slab and make them a group. Put the slab on a “Slab” layer and the exterior walls on the “Exterior Walls” layer. Then you can turn that layer off to get it out of your way.

That’s what I was doing incorrectly I drew the offset away from the floor instead of inside of it, Thanks Dave

Wishing for a bigger shop, huh? :smiley:

ALLWAYS!!! My dream is to build what Tommy Mac did but the lottery isn’t co-operating lol

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Well its designed now I have to put all my tools and warehouse objects into it and see if I can figure out where I can fit my dust collection unit

Thanks Dave

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Good work.

All done

Thanks Dave… Use a lot of layers for tools, shop furniture and the like

My Floorplan _Layout.pdf (868.5 KB)

Nice. Now get your shop arranged and get back to building furniture. :smiley:

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