Design Advice/Help

I’m new to this, but I just started an interior design business (not my business but I just started with it)
I was wandering if some of you guys could help me through the process of creating a design,

I’ve tried, but one of my biggest problems is that my products from 3d warehouse aren’t showing up!
My boss told me that getting used to sketchup will take some time,
it defiantly has!

I’ve received my first mission,
to help design a sweet bungalow for a nice couple,
they want curved walls,

And i was wandering if this helpful community of designers could help out?
Thx, much apprieciated,
Interior Designer

Hi Nina,
There’s a lot of people around here that might be able and willing to help if you need a specific answer to an issue you’re facing. But not sure if someone will be able to guide you through the process of creating a design, maybe not for free.

If you just started using Sketchup, there are great free resources to learn, even a section for commercial interiors that might help you a lot.

Can you explain a bit about the process you follow to add 3d warehouse models into your model, to try to understand what might be the problem?. Maybe your scale is off?
If possible upload the model, so other people can have a quick look and help you troubleshoot.

For your note about curved walls.
You can start with the “Arc” tool or the “circle tool”. The arc starts with 12 sides by default, and you can change that by typing the number of sides you need right after you select the ARC . Similarly the circle tool starts with 24 sides but you can increase or decrease as you need it.
This is useful to get more accurate curves, specially for long walls. But don’t over do it, as it affects the performance of your model.

Create your walls inside a group to avoid unwanted intersections. The geometry inside the group needs to be on layer 0 as common practice, but you can assign layers to the groups as needed. This applies to other geometry as well, to isolate them and avoid unwanted intersections and have better control.