Bahnschrift font display problem in PDF files

Hi, all

I’m having this display problem when I use fonts such as Bahnschrift Light Condensed, Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed, Bahnschrift SemiLight Condensed, the output PDF files will display words with wrong letter width, Please see picture below.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

PDF file display:

how it looks like in LAYOUT:

This has been reported before. That font isn’t supported by Adobe. It’s on them. Not LayOut,

Do a forum search for the font name and you’ll turn up the three. There’s a link to a page that talks about this.

thanks for the information. Before I post, I searched the key word “Bahnschrift” but didnt find any page on this. Maybe its another font has the same problem. I’ll search again.

and I tried other system to open this file, but sadly none supports. Maybe this font is not so popular. But thanks anyway.

It’s not in this forum.

You could open the file in another PDF viewer to test whether it is a bug in the PDF viewer or an error in the PDF file (which is not an Adobe format if LayOut follows standard PDF/A). But having a viewer without bug won’t help if your clients don’t use the same viewer.

Reports on the internet mention often bugs in Microsoft’s Bahnschrift (which is not even their own design, just their new implementation of it). It appears only one of the included font style displays right (try to switch to Light, not Regular), and the others have wrong widths.

You could also to replace the font with a shape-identical one. There exist multiple implementations of the original DIN 1451, like d-din or Official road sign typefaces – Commonplaces..

See the thread here

thank you very much. I tried other viewers and other system, none of them work. But a replacement of the font is really usful. Thank you.

Thank you for the information. I see what’s happening now, a bit sad tho.


i’ve found a workaround concerning the problem with the Bahnschrift font.

As for Words, you can just print it using “Microsoft Print to PDF”. Then it gets display just like in the document.

Hope this helps someone.


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That helps, thanks!