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When I “File > Export > PDF”, the texts do not appear as in Layout

Do you have any idea why or is it a bug?

Thanks !

I’m not able to look at your file at the moment. Is the text in SketchUp or did you add it in LayOut?

The text is an addition from Layout

It is a group consisting of text and geometry created in Layout to form the black and white arrow

What happens if you Export to PDF instead of Print to PDF?

Sorry I write wrong:

I always use File > Export > PDF and File > Export > DWG for my work
I never use File > Print

OK. Now I’m looking at your LO file. The Bahnschrift font you are is problematic. Adobe PDF’s do not support that font. Try a different font like Arial Narrow at 18 point.

Note: This is not specific to LayOut. A Google search for 'Bahnschrift problems" leads to a long list of hits. This is one of the first ones I hit: Redirecting

Thanks for your help
I use Arial Narrow and it work :slight_smile:

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There are other free “DIN 17” fonts that do work.

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