Odd PDF behaviour

I am not sure if this is anything to do with SU/LO but it might be related to PDF output on a Mac from LO.

I noticed that one drawing in a multi page set of PDF drawings was not showing much detail. It turns out that if you zoom in and out, sometimes all detail is shown and sometimes it isn’t. That makes it hard to know whether anyone I have sent the pack to has the same issue.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? I attach screenshots of the same PDF page at different magnifications to show how variable it is.

I just had a weird one. A PDF exported from layout with a bunch of dimensions that viewed correctly, but when printed with the software I was using to view it with, printed the dimensions upside down. Come to find out different viewing software could print correctly. My the PDF format is a bunch of fun.

That is strange. Was this with a specific font? We’ve seen some reports where certain fonts don’t display/print correctly from the PDF viewer.

The font was Verdana 10pt. the viewer was Foxit Phantom PDF. I have reached out to Foxit, they requested the PDF.

Well Verdana shouldn’t be anything difficult or weird. Maybe your file will help them sort it out.