Background color to model technical parts without tiring the eyes?

Hello everybody,

Could you share what background color and faces colors do you use to model technical parts without tiring the eyes (too much :sunglasses: ) ?


I use a darker Ground setting in a saved template sometimes.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 142821

I keep the sky blue because it helps me stay oriented when rotating.

I too use a pale gray or a pastel green for the background because it makes it easier to see when a horizontal face hasn’t closed. For technical parts I usually turn off the ground and sky, as they aren’t useful to me, but if it helps you stay oriented by all means leave them on. I also use an outrageous bright green for the default face back side color and work in monochrome mode so that reversed faces jump out at me for immediate fixing. That color also makes it easier to notice when I have failed to close a solid and the back is showing through.

A long time ago I used Pro Engineer for mechanical / tooling type work and its blue background with gray/white parts shading was actually easy on the eyes. I dont use any color in Skectchup Because I dont like to change the style for output . The white background actually lets you turn down the monitor brightness and that reduces eye strain in my mind. Use a texture color for your model that helps define it against that background. Thats my two cents.

RGB 248,248,248 is what I use.

I’ve used a variation of the blue template for quite some time.

light green is less straining than light grey or white, and same goes for the faces. plus, light can be violent when using shite faces, with light blue it’s milder.

I have tried many combinations but for me nothing beats plane old white with black edges. I often colorize assemblies or work in color by tag, or x-ray or both, to keep track of parts, and I just really like the precision of the stark black edges against the white. Sometimes I will invert things, using matching dark blue background and faces with white edges, this can help visualizing complex edge heavy models. But I almost always work in boring white with black edges.

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Wow, thank you all for these sharings :pray:.

I will try some of your suggestions.

@slbaumgartner , I turn off the ground and sky, not useful to me too. I tried a bright pink for the default back face, but it’s not always great with x-ray mode. The idea of the same color of the background but brighter need a try, thank you !