Axis trouble

Please help. I’m not sure what happened, but now when I draw a rectangle and lock the axis with the arrow keys, the rectangle draws on the wrong axis. For example: I will hit the up arrow for the blue axis, but the rectangle draws on the green axis. I know it’s the rectangle tool, because the line tool locks fine with the arrow keys. I tried resetting the axis, but it’s greyed out.

See image below. - This is when I hit the up arrow key. It doesn’t draw vertically. It thinks I’ve hit the left arrow key.

The rectangle in your screen shot appears to be oriented appropriately for having the blue axis locked.

Up arrow sets the normal of the face parallel to the the blue axis. Right arrow, normal parallel to the red axis, and. Left, normal parallel to the green.


In case ‘normal’ isn’t something you’ve heard of, drawing a line or moving an object, will go along the axis you chose. When drawing polygons (including rectangles and circles), the object is drawn around the axis you locked to.

You’ll notice too that the line as you draw matches the axis color you chose to lock to.

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What you call a vertical rectangle only has two vertical edges and two edges in some other direction. Locking to vertical couldn’t make the tool draw such a rectangle as it doesn’t know where to get that other direction from. Instead the tool uses the locked axis as the normal.


(of a line, ray, or other linear feature) intersecting a given line or surface at right angles.

Thanks for the responses!