Axis and ground plane locations

My question is about axes. I found this post which helps my understanding of axes relationship to ground plane.

DaveRSketchUp Sage

Jun '19

The eye height is the distance above the ground plane which is fixed. The default axis location is with the red and green on the ground plane. As you know, the axes can be moved but the ground plane cannot.

It seems that ideally my main axis location should be on the ground plane. When I do look around or camera height numbers (height) would make sense to me.

Question: how do I find location of my axes?

I see I can change axes location by red or green or blue direction, but would like to know where i am moving from. Need to see axis location. X,Y,Z and ground plane elevation.

If you’re going to move the axes and you want to keep track of where they are moving from, place guidelines on them while they are in the first position.

Great Idea Dave. Thanks.

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