Availability of new license

What is the usual time frame in which the license information is sent out?

I bought SketchUp Pro 2020 classic 2 days ago and got the order confirmation email immediately. But I did not get the license information. I opened a ticket nearly two days ago to ask about the license. But sadly there is no reply so far for this also. The new license is also not visible in the trimble account. What can I do?

buy by your local reseller?

• SketchUp Help Center: Customer Support Center

I replied to your support message, thanks for sending that in. I also had your license resent.

I got the email for the reply to the support ticket. But there is no email for the license still. I am searching in the whole email account (including spam folder).

I sent the license in the support email too.

Do you use Outlook for your email client? When it doesn’t like an email it puts it into Junk, and also prevents you from being able to search for it. You need to manually scroll through the junk mailbox.

One trick to get search to work is to search in All mailboxes, and you will see no results, then change the search results to show Junk. Then the message show up in the results.

Thank you for sending the reply with the needed information. Is there a way to get this also in the trimble account or is it only for the new license model?

BTW, I am using Thunderbird with an IMAP email service. I have this email account since a lot of years already and do not know problems like this.

The account management page is only for subscription products. Given that classic licenses can’t be bought after November 4th, I doubt that the two systems will be combined.

You normally see the state of your classic license on this page:

That’s where I went to get the license resent, but then you didn’t get that message.

I also tried to get the email sent again with that page now. But still no luck. That is really strange. Thanks a lot for the help.