AutoHotKey not Working in SU 2023 Pro

I have an AutoHotKey script that aligns my SU Trays. It works perfectly fine in SU 2022, but not in SU 2023. Anyone else having an issue w/AutoHotKey in SU 2023?

Perhaps your script has window names that are specific to an older version. Can you use AHK Window Spy to compare versions of the trays and compare to the script?

SketchUp is using the Windows QT framework now.

I’ve had been using the AHK ACC framework to access menus but had to move some of my scripts to the AHK UIA Interface framework as it works better with the Windows QT framework.

Specifically I was using class #32768 to access the context menu but turns out that the context menu is now Qt5155QWindowPopupDropShadowSaveBits and the ACC framework couldn’t recognise that.

Appreciate the responses! I tried both solutions with no success. However researching the response from @paul.mcalenan led me to try running the script as administrator and that resolved the issue.