There is still a problem with hotkeys (2023 23.1.340)

These are my very old hotkeys. Please fix it.

View/Animation/Next Scene > PageDown (Hotkey not working)
View/Animation/Previous Scene > PageUp (Hotkey not working)

View/Animation/Update Scene > Ctrl + PageDown (Hotkey not working)

Camera/Standard Views/ Top > Shift + Home (Hotkey not working)
Camera/Standard Views/ Bottom > Ctrl + Shift + Home (Hotkey not working)
Camera/Standard Views/ Left > Ctrl + Home (Hotkey not working)
Camera/Standard Views/ Iso > Home (Hotkey not working)


I have just applied your shortcuts and they are working for me.

The strange thing is that half of them still work.
Ctl + Alt + Home = Working
Alt + Home = Working
su key

There is a difference compared to the 2022 version.
Alt + H (was assigned - Unhide/Selected).
But in 2023 Alt + H brings up the Help menu.

It is supposed to bring up the help menu. This is something left over from the day of DOS (pre Windows).

But you can re-assign Alt + H to Hide …?


Thanks, it worked! First I assigned Alt + H to hide, and then reassigned it to Unhide and now it works.

I tried to do something similar with the Home button, but the Home hotkey doesn’t work anywhere.

The Home hotkey works in SU 2022 on the same laptop.