Autocad files can't be found in the file type selection when importing


There is no autocad file types in the file type selection when importing in Sketchup Make 2015.


That’s because Cad imports are a Pro only feature.


Oh. Thank you very much.


Guess I got luc


Problem is SketchUp Make 2015 can not import .DWFx files from DWG TrueView 2016 - English the latest format from Autodesk? Maybe AutoCAD 360 will export in the format SU requires?


You didn’t get lucky, the first 30 days of Make runs as a pro trial. After that the pro features stop working.


Nothing (AFAIK) can import DWFx files. It is a proprietary Autodesk file format, originally meant to be a competitor to PDF. DWG is the CAD format.



But they are $$$ and seem to support the original DWF, not necessarily the latest DWFX format ?

Here’s some more advice:


and CADkonv KX for 99,- bucks, trial avail.


Thanks guys, I was using Drawing True View to access the .Dwg file that only exports .DWFx files so I just ran SU & TrueView at the same time. I’ve now started using AutoCAD 360 & presumably can export selected objects as .DWG like a WBLOCK file to import. Meanwhile I’m enjoying re-drawing the stuff in SU as a matter of practice? 360 is way to slow & better used on a bigger display than the one I’m on. Thanks TIG & Anssi.Great info.


That figures Box. I guess the import & warehouse features will be gone too! I thought I’d run it before & was amazed at the difference.