Auto-generate vertical lines between horizontal planes?


I was wondering if there is an easy method or commando to create vertical lines between horizontal planes without actually having to draw each of them separatly.

What I want to achieve you can see in the example image: The green planes have vertical lines between them. The created spaces represent appartements. I’d like to do same with the blue planes without having to manually create every single vertical line, this would save a lot of time. I’m not using the push/pull commando because it deletes the bottom plane and the walls get the translucent color as well which I don’t want because it looks too confusing if everything is transparant.

Thank you in advance!

Sounds like you might benefit from going here

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Do you really want the walls and floors to have no thickness as in your example?

You could select the edges and use Push Line, an extension from the Extension Warehouse to create the vertical faces.

Thank you, will try the extension warehouse.

I use these models for energy calculations so no thickness of walls and floors are needed.


Because the top and bottom plans are the same why not delete the top one.
Then edit the remaining ‘container’ so that you you can select one of its faces.
Then use PushPull to extrude that face up by the wall’s height.
Now you’ve started making the 3d form.
Still in PushPull double-click on another face and it’ll automatically extrude the same amount.
Repeat until all of the rooms are extruded.
Now select the unwanted top faces holding ctrl/shift to expand the selection set.
Either group these and assign that group to an ‘off’ Layer or press <delete> to remove them…

Looking at your example there’s a lot of symmetry, so doing a part of it could well produce the rest with a little move/copy, mirroring and rotation…
I also note that the internal partition layout is different, so you would need to add the extra edges before PushPulling anyway…
I also note that some of your example’s faces are reversed [i.e. non-white faces are visible], View Monochrome and then select > context-menu to Reverse them. It may be that face reversal is unimportant to you, but if your energy calcs use wall orientation [e.g. N S E W == Y -Y X -X] some of them will be read ‘backwards’ and confuse you ??