Auto adding lines to vertices on surfaces?

This is a follow up to another larger issue I’m trying to overcome, which you can read more about here

Basically I’m wondering if there is a way to automatically add vertical and horizontal lines that run the span of a face to every vertices on a given face?

Manual process looks like this:

Final product I’m trying to create looks like this:

Here’s another image that better explains why this is relevant.

On the left you can see two windows side by side in SkethUp. One of the windows has the lines drawn. The other window does not. On the right you can see how the DAE (w out triangles) comes out when imported into Blender. The window that has the lines drawn from the vertices comes out as intended. The one without for some reason creates an unwanted face.

Just guessing - maybe @colin will find out more from the developers - but that looks like a bug when handling multiple nested inner loops, perhaps due to tiny off-plane differences that are within SketchUp’s tolerance but mishandled during export.

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The extra lines were part of a work around to an issue in Blender. We did figure out ways to get close to what is needed. So, not as important to automatically add lines now.

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Yeah agreed. What’s the best way to mark this as solved? Should I link it back to the OP?