Attribute options window remains blank

I have a dynamic component with several options that a user can select from but when I open the options window it remains blank.

DynamicDoorwithFrame.skp (99.8 KB)

Your options are not in the top level component. If you open the top level component for editing and then select the Door-Frame-Trim component, you’ll see the options.

It doesn’t matter which sub component I select I still get no options appearing in the options window

At least I believe I have the correct subcomponent selected in this screenshot.

From the number of posts you are making on DCs, you are obviously trying hard! I have too and know how frustrating it can be.

I am attaching a short gif showing what I see when I open your file in SU 2018.

The first thing to notice i that if I click on your component, I DO get a list of attributes. So, at that point, everything looks fine. However, I seem to remember encountering just your problem myself in the past. Does it still happen if you close SU and re-open it?

Then I tried changing one of the parameters you set up. It made no difference. I think this may be because this is a work in progress and you have not yet set up the formulae that dictate how geometry gets changed by user input.

Then I took a look at your nesting. You have sub-components. I have never managed to get sub-components to work in DCs. I believe they should but in practice I have not been clever enough to make them act in a predictable manner. For a simple component like a door, I suggest you eliminate sub-components.

Hope that helps.

BTW, are you both @zipster1967 and @trentjperez? Or do you have a twin??

In DC, it is called Copy😂

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I am both but I can’t seem to login to the @trentjperez account and don’t even know what email address it’s associated with.

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