Attaching imported components to a 2d drawing

I created a sketch of a 8 court pickleball pad with surrounding walks ‘2d’ I then uploaded a dynamic component 8 ft tall chain link fence for one side of the pad . When I tried to rotate the pad to put fence on the other sides I could not get the fence to ‘stick’. I am stuck on creating this aspect of a 3D model by importing components. I want to add nets, gates and more fence.

Maybe you could upload the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

I just tried but the reply window doesn’t include skp files in the upload options.

Sure it does. Did you click on the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons at the top of the message window?

picklballcourt with partial fences.skp (2.2 MB)
Hello Dave, I did upload my sketch.

The fence component you chose is set to always face the camera. This would explain why it’s so difficult to get it to do what you want. As a Dynamic Component it’s kind of a PIA

Edit the component in the Components window, change Glue to: to None and untick the Always Face Camera box.

Hi, I just uploaded the sketch. I will also do it here.



picklballcourt with partial fences.skp (2.25 MB)

I already looked at your SKP file from your previous post.

Still stuck, when I go to the components window and under list I find dynamic fence component, then when I try to edit the window does not allow me to choose the options.

Try clicking on the thumbnail in the upper left of the Components window while the Edit tab is on top. You should then be able to change the Glue to setting to None and untick Always Face Camera.

An important detail in what DaveR is saying: you must change “Glue to” to “None” before you can change the Always Face Camera.