Are photo textures no longer a feature?

I just tried adding some photo textures to a building, and the photo texture window has an error:
“You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps Javascript API. Consider changing your browser.”

I assume that Sketchup is using some old variant of Internet Explorer for its photo texture grabbing capability. Is this ever going to be updated to something such as Chromium so we can get this functionality back?

SketchUp uses the library that also underlies IE, regardless of what default browser you use. Try updating to the latest version of IE.

I’m using IE 11 with auto updates installed. I got the photo texture thing to work by reinstalling flash and reloading the photo texture window a few times.

I hope they move away from IE and Flash as their main driver for this, however, since it’s against corporate policy to have flash installed after we got hit with a flash-based crypto virus.

This error message has been discussed in several other threads. It is coming from google, not from SketchUp.

It’s unlikely that they will move away from IE on Windows because that’s the only browser that comes with Windows by default. The same applies to Safari on Mac.

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I believe that message comes from Google’s web API not from SketchUp per se. Other than petitioning Google, there isn’t much Trimble can do about it. As to using the IE library, that is the only thing Trimble can assume will always be present on a Windows box.

And, as usual, DaveR posted pretty much the same while I was typing!

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@dcrowley, You should have two options:

(1) You click “Dismiss” on the warning pane, (afterall it says “Consider changing your browser”,) and then use the feature normally.


(2) Manually change the browser emulation version for “sketchup.exe” in the Windows registry.

  • Last I knew the SketchUp installer was still setting “sketchup.exe” IE BrowserControl emulation to MSIE version 9. See topic:
    Webdialog Win10 IE11 CSS - #18 by DanRathbun
    (But note that there is also a duplicate attribute in the HKey Local Machine hive. The setting in the Current User hive overrides the Local Machine setting.)

  • I just tested and changing the setting to version 10 (0x2711) or 11 (0x2AF8 or 0x2AF9) the "Add Location…" feature works normally without any warning popup.

  • The Trimble websites (EW and 3DW) can still override emulation (as they need,) using a <meta> HTML tag in their pages. See:
    Webdialog Win10 IE11 CSS - #27 by tt_su

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