Blocked plug-in in photo texture Sketchup 2017 Pro


When I want to get a photo texture to my massing models, I use the “Add Photo Texture” feature.
The map window opens, I get the “Select region”, bur when I need to “grab” the area (i.e building surface), there is a “BLOCKED PLUG-IN” in the middle of the screen.
From the internet, forums ect. the most common suggestion is that it´s Flash that is blocked. I have given Flash all permissions, but this does not help.
Any suggestions for this?

I am running Mac Os Sierra latest version
Sketchup latest version
Google Crome latest version
Flash latest version



Photo Textures still uses ‘Safari’ to connect to the internet…

it needs to be up to date and have the flash plugin…



Hi John
Thanks for reply - I have the latest version of Safari, and Flash is also up to date - but it still not working…


Hi again John
Just needed to restart my mac - now it is working perfectly - thanks again :blush: