Applying or Setting Scale

I’ve got a question I can’t get to the bottom of or find a corresponding extension to help with.

When scaling objects, UVs scale alongside the entity and the original scale is stored with the item via the “reset scale” option.

I’ve got a model here where some components have been global scaled during modelling and this means that their UVs are off - it also means that if I reset the scale across the every single object, things scale up to a mish mash of sizing.

Is there are a way to “apply” the scale as you do in blender, to make the current scaling native for the object - so my UV transform is then uniform across the whole model?
Or is there a simple way to set all UVs to be the same in the world space?

The only way I seem to be able to do this is to explode a group and then regroup it - there must be an easier way to do this en masse?

On a component, you can right-click > Scale Definition.

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Amazing. Thankyou so much

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