Set Consistent UV Map Size to Surfaces Throughout Entire Model?

Hi All, is there a way to set to the uv maps of all surfaces in a model to the same size?

I am creating house models in sketchup which I am then exporting into Unreal Engine where I am adding functionality that allows players to select objects in the world to change their materials. The problem I’m facing is that I need the materials to look consistant in size to each object they are applied to. What I think is the best way to achieve this is to have all surfaces in sketchup have a consistant UV size, it doesn’t necessarily matter what size this is, as it’s very easy for me to adjust the scale of the material to suit in UE5, but aslong as it’s size is consistant across all faces.

So is anyone aware of any ways that a model can have its geometry all set to a certian UV scale, and if possible even have the uv scale set whilst building the model?

Also may be relevant but generally all geometry is going to be within groups or dynamic components (some several layers deep).

Any help is greatly appreciated!

My understanding is that the UVs should remain the same unless you have scaled a group or component.
For any groups/components where you have done this, right clicking and choosing “scale definition” will set the scale of that group/component as it is in that moment and the UVs will go back to how they would be if you painted them onto ungrouped geometry.

I’m not sure if this still works if you have made adjustments per face

The other thing that might be causing it is if SketchUp scales the UV based upon the dimensions that are set for the material you have applied.